Sunday, August 13, 2017

Hello boys and girls! im back!

It has been long time since i have last made a post in here. Sorry about that. I am here to tell you that it will change. This blog will also undergo some major changes that will hopefully make it possible for me to get more quality into the things i will post about (quality over quantity)

I wont be going very much into detail about what has happened or why i have been away for such a long time. Previous post was on 18.9.2016. Thats about the time when i felt a s**tstorm starting to grow around my life. That storm kept on getting stronger and stronger. In february-march 2017 that storm unleashed its full power on my life, which pretty much crumbled to little pieces. Life became s**t and i mean like a big pile of steaming s**t. For a period of time in my life i found a place i can call rock bottom.

For the following months my life went trough huge changes. I needed to rebuild my life almost from scratch. I had no time, motivation (or money for the matter :D ) to keep on painting and gaming.

Luckily those times have now passed and my life is not the same as before... It is actually better. Sure, i dont have as much money to use on miniatures as before but now is the perfect time to start with the "paint everything you buy" and really stick with it.

I owe a special thanks to some of my friends and to some of my awesome colleagues from work. So from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU for helping my trough the worst time in my life. I know some of you guys lurk around in my blog from time to time ; )

In the coming weeks i will be going trough the blog and taking some stuff down. Might even be a new layout if i really get crazy. Also i will be posting about my next projects. Or actually i think that i wont have time or money to do more than one project at the time.

Thak you for your time and interest if you have been reading this! Until next time.