Sunday, January 11, 2015

Dropzone Commander

What is this Dropzone commander you ask? Well, Dropzone Comander (DzC) is a 10mm scale miniature mass battle game for two or more players. It is from Hawk Wargames. The battles go all the way from small skirmishes up to huge battles, Rules are based on alternate activation system which really is into my liking.

The basic idea of the game is about fast and tactical deployment and redebloymen of troops. This is done utilising different kind of dropships and transports.

At the current moment there are 5 factions in the game. Those are UCM, PHR, Resistance, Shaltari and the Scourge. All of the races have a different kind of playstyle and have their own unique things like the Shaltari jump gates.

The battles in Dropzone Commander usually takes place in abandoned towns like bellow. But you can of course fight where ever you want. Abandoned towns are the easiest to get acces to as you can buy a set of carboard town from Hawk or buy the 2 player started whic gives you 10 cardboard houses.

So lets take a look at the factions. First up is the UCM, which i like the most and will be playing


So the UCM stands for United Colonies of mankind. UCM can be seen like a mix of Warhammer 40k Imperial guard with a little bit of space marines mixed in. UCM is like a baseline army of the Dropzone commander. UCM untilises a mixture of different kind of tanks and air assests. I think it is the most air heavy faction in the game at the moment. You cant play a completely air based army in DzC tough.


Next we have the Scourge. They are thea meanies of DzC. Scourge has invaded the collonies of man and have even captured Earth. The Scourge are "neuro-parasetic" liforms whose only objective is to devour other races. In Dzc they use mostly skimmer vehicles armed with plasma weapons. Their infantry is also quite capable and can even put some serious dents into enemy armor.


Then we have the Post Human Rebublic, PHR. They are a part of mankind who packed up their belongings. Centuries later they pop back up and have evolved technologily past the other factions. In game they lack in numbers but make up in weapons and other equipment.


The fourth race is the mysterious Shaltari. Shaltari is a humanoid species. They also use somekind of trasfer techonoly to shift their fallen warriors into new "empty shell" bodies so they dont lose the knowledge and wisdom that the warrior has gathered during his life. In game they use jump gates instead of dropships. Also they use a mixture of skimmers and war walker type of constructs.


Last we have the newest faction the Resistance. I really dont know alot abaut them. As the word recistance tells us they use a broad category of second hand equipment and weapons and vehichles that they manage to build themselves. They are the survivors on Earth fighting agains the Scourge occupation.

So there are all of the races. I cant go into gameplay or miniature quality as i dont even have my rulebook or minis yet. Me and a guy from our gaming club bought two two player startes sets which give out a decent size force of Scourge and UCM. I will take all of the UCM and Scourge goes to him. Starter set also gives out a rulebook, reference sheets, some dice, templates and most of all two different playng surfaces and 10 cardboard building which are actually of great quality.

Two player starter set

Scourge Starter
UCM Starter

I will be getting my part of the starter sets on next wednesday, when we are also playeing a practice game for the Tarawa Bolt Action campaing at the club. I might have time on thursday to give you a small unboxing DzC update but i wont promise anything!


Friday, January 9, 2015

Last of the Tarawa terrain

Here is the last piece of Tarawa terrain from me. Atleast for the moment. I didnt want to build a third bunker but i wanted to make one more piece of terrain for the campaing. I started to plan somekind of rocky hill firing position or a forward position with sadbags. I think there is not a miniature gamer in the world who does not like sangbags, so i decided to use some. Here is the end result. Its something different but still goes with the style of the previous bunkers.

Let me know what you people think.

And some pictures with my marines in position. It is possible to fit a team weapon on a 60mm base to the left side.

Next time i will be posting abaut Dropzone Commander so be sure to check that out.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

US Marines and Pacific bunkers

First of all happy year 2015 to everyone!

9 hours and 17 minutes have passed since this year started and its time for my first blog post.
I decided to use my spare time of my last vacation day to show you my US marines and wooden bunkers for Pacific theatre.

Juha from my gaming club is planning a Pasific Bolt Action campaing for us. I wanted to give a small contribution to the campaing. Iwill be taking these bunkers to our club so everyone can use them.

It took somewhat two hours to build and paint the small one and three hours for the bigger. Not counting drying times ofcource. I had only 15 minutes here and there to work on these at a time so it has taken a long period of time to get them ready, but i made it before the campaing starts. Yay!

 I wanted a rather worn look on my marines, so it looks they have seen some action. This was achieved by usin army painter dark tone. I might paint eyes for the marines, but im not sure yet. I have other projects comming up. I still need to paint three marines so all of my 30 marines are done. They will be done rather soon tough. Lets take a look at some pictures now.

My Marine force

Sniper team

Bazooka Joe

Command Squad

First squad

Second squad

smg marines

shotgun marines

squadleaders. The one on right is also FAO

These are the wooden bunkers i were talking about. Simple and looks good enough for the battlefield

The smaller has room for everything on a 60mm base and smaller. Bigger one for 60mm and 25mm bases or around 8x 25mm bases. The roofs of both bunkers come off for easy access.

 Thats all for today! Drop me a comment or subscribe to the blog. As for this year i will be posting about the Pacific campaing and Dropzone Commander miniature game.