Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Back in business!

Hi guys!

Im back to give you a quick update. It has been three months without painting or gaming. That all had a small change last week when i faced Juhas blitzkrieg germans again. The game was on a display board of Portinhoikka which Juha had made. Portinhoikka is a real life location where Finland faced the Soviets back in the war.

More information about the board or our battle you can find in Juhas blog

Now onto other things. As i told you, we had our second baby boy join our family little over three months ago. Now our one bedroom appartment has got a bit too crowded for us. Now we have just five more days until we get the keys to our next and bigger appatment. So slowly im getting back into gaming and painting as soon as we are done with the move. Ill post some pictures about how i set up my next painting station and also im thinking about buying an airbrush for painting, so ill blog about that too. Also if you fancy modern combat i have something comming up with that too, so stay tuned.

As you can see this blog is not dead, far from it.

Thanks for reading.

Below are some shots from the game with Juha