Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happy birthday to me!!

Well really, my birthday is still a month away. But isnt there a saying about early bird catching the worm or something like that.

My better half and i decided that i can order something for my birthday. Usually she has had little bit of problems getting me a present. She doesent know that much abaut miniatures, so its hard to get something as a surprise. Other than  soft packages ofcourse. I dont think that there is a miniature gamer out there who, would want a soft package for birthday!

I started thinking abaut what i would like to get. I decided on a new miniature case would be the thing to get. As i have enough stuff on the painting table, waiting for their turn. I hit the internet, mainly Sotavasara forum, where i found a nice thread abaut miniature cases. People were saying good stuff about KR Multicases. After going trough their range, which actually is huge and supports a multitude of different gaming systems i decided to get foams for my 28mm stuff and Dropzone Commander figures plus a case of cource.

Yesterday after i got home from work, there was something waiting for me! Hurray! A very speedy delivery from KR Multicases using the UPS. I placed my order on last weeks tuesday evening so it was 3 regular days, 4 if you count the day i got the package. Only downside was that the delivery guy had the wrong phone number for us so it would have been a pain to try and get the package later if my better half wouldnt happened to get back home just as the delivery guy was leaving.

What is in the package then

 Inside the package was the KR Kaiser 2 Case, Foams for my 28mm stuff and inside the case a cardboard case and foams for my Dropzone miniatres.

Foams for 28mm and Kaiser 2

28mm Foams and cardboard case for DzC foams. (Other case is for Herkko)
Here are the foams from Dropzone Commander. As you can see they are pre cut for the UCM faction.
In the pictures they are filled with the UCM from the 2 Player starter set. There is so much more space for more figures also. These foams and the cardboard case cost 47,99€ so not bad at all.

The maxium capacity for these is as follows:
(loaned from KR website)

Holds the United Colonies of Mankind Large or Mega army plus more ! Total capacity is: 2x Heavy Dropships, 4x Medium Dropships, 8x Light Dropships/Gunships plus flight stands, 2x Interceptors, 1x Strike Fighter plus flight stands, 20x Heavy Tanks/Tank Destroyers/APC, 2x Command Vehicle, 20x Tanks, 8x Scout Buggies, 16x Troop bases, 2x Card decks plus accessories

Foams filled with my UCM. (Note the mandatory cup of coffee like in every unboxing situations)

everything fits nicely, as long you put them in the right order

Cardboard case comes with a handle, so i dont need to haul the whole Kaiser 2 allways
Onwards to the foams for 28mm miniatures. Bolt Action miniatures to be precise.

I got one foam which holds six small and/or medium tanks. As you can see from the picture bellow i can easily fit a Cromwell tank into the slot as it is filled with two parts of foam. You can easily use it for small or medium tanks.

Crommwell and French Renault FT-17

For infantry i bought three foams that will hold 25 figures each, so enough space for 75 figures. I might cut some parts off from the foams as i need to make space for 2 Bren carriers and a Daimler Dingo scout car.

The foams are also deep enough to fit the miniature inside the slot with his rifle completely. So no more broken plastic or bent metal rifles.

Senegalese were the first troops to try teh foams
One foam is for the team weapons. Pre cut for 60mm bases. I have mounted my team weapons on 50ish mm metal bases, so the slots are a little too big, but nothing that would cause trouble. The foam can hold up to 8 teams.

 All of the stuff i bought fits inside the Kaiser 2 perfectly. In the picture the DzC stuff is at the bottom inside the cardboard case and the 28mm is at the top.

The foams came with top sections each, so i can use those to fill any gaps at the top of the bag.

 Here is my Kaiser 2 fully loaded, with my miniatures i have at hand. (At the moment most of my miniatures are at our club in my old case so there is not that much. But i can fit them in without problems) It also has the BA rulebook, French and British army books, Dropzone commander rulebook, BA dice + regular dice, tape measure, pen, paper and dropzone comander tokens all loaded up.

All in all i am extremely happy with this purchase. It set me back abaut 180€ with delivery being free.

If i would need to grade the whole thing from placing the order, delivery and actual product i would say it is 9.8/10.

0.2 being taken for the UPS guy having the wrong phone number wich would have caused a pain to claim the stuff later. But we realy cant know if that was a mistake by KR or UPS

I can strongly recomend KR Multicases for anyone thinking abaut getting a miniature transport system! Now i am a very happy little gamer with a splendid transport system.


Sunday, March 15, 2015

Bolt Action: Daimler Dingo and Senegalese Tirailleurs

Hello all!

It has been over a month without an update, but today i have something for you.
I have finished couple of things. First is the Daimler Dingo for the British and the second is a squad of Senegalese Tirailleurs for the French.

Also i have played my first two test games of Dropzone commander. I really like it so far. It is fun but, oh is it also hard.

For DzC i will be painting a second set of UCM figures from the 2 player starter.  That will be another 3 Sabres, 3 Rapiers, 3 Condor Dropships and 6 bases of infantry. So far the Sabres and Rapiers are done. Next up are the Condors.

In the gaming side, we finished our Tarawa Bolt Action Pacific campaing. The Imperial Japanese won it, but we put up a good fight with Juha and our Marines. We are going to play the campaing again at some point in the summer. I will try to document it better this time. If you want you can read abaut the campaing in Juhas blog.

Lets hope that i can get the next update done without it taking over a month!

As usual drop me a comment if you want.

Here are the Senegalese Tirailleurs.  These guys shold provide some punch for my french army being Tough Fighters.

I Also noticed that the normal french infantry squads can have up to 12 guys when you add in a pistol and smg so i need to find some figures for those and make changes in my squads.