Sunday, September 18, 2016

Reconqust: Phase 2 / UCM

I promised a post in a week or two. I got inspiration from somewhere and decided to make i straight away. How cool is that?

Reconquest: Phase 2 has been out for a while now. I want to talk about some of the changes that came with it. This time i will look into the UCM

The changes were these:

Flak teams

UCM Flak teams got their range extended by 6", both the R(c) and R(f). Personally i think this change was just the thing they needed. Before this almost no one played them for the simple reason that the range just was not enough for their points and the reason that they need to be transported with the bear and condor combo.

After the game i have played them in three or so games. Now i jsut love them. They wont cost much more than a squad of legionaires if you think the about the cost for a search roll. The range is good and a squad gives you 3+3 shots. Now if you couple of Minders or something like that floating too close you can happily take them out. Using a rapier to do this would be a waste. Also if you have something bigger comming, just fire both units at it. Or even better, becouse of the bear and condor combo, the other flak squad usually is not that far so you might get to fire it to the same target allso. What the Flak team gives you now is AA board control. Awesome.

Hazard suits

Hazard suits got hit by the nerf hammer. Twice.. Their points went up by three and their weapons got -1E. Well... i think we all knew that something would happen to them as they were just a tad too good. Do i agree with the double nerd? I do now. The -1E would have been enough. It lowers their damage output a little, but leaves them with enough power to do AT. I think more lists will use less of the Hazard suits now. My list will certainly go from two Hazard squads to one.


The new cool Retaliator fast mover got its Missile Cluster changed from L-2 to L-3 instead. This wont do much difference ans the Retaliotor suffers from the same problems as every other fast mover at the moment. They are too unreliable to show up for their points. The Retaliator suffers even more as it is not cheap.


The Pheonix Command gunship lost its Demolisher-2 from its missile battery. This is another thing i do not agree on. It was nice to have the ability to do building demo with the pheonix, as it is a little hard to get the Pheonix into a good position to do damage. The rather low range on the chainguns (12") coupled with even shorter MF makes it a little wonky (even more in bigger boards). The missile battery is nice, but its not great. Against skimmers it is good, but honestly when is the last time when you have got it to hit more than 2 skimmers at the time. People know how to face the Pheonix and wont make parking lots with their vehicles.

Thats it for the UCM changes in Phase 2. Feel free to comment.


Blowing away the dust

Its been over three months from the last update. I feel i need to fill you guys in on how things stand with this blog. Its not dead first of all, so Hurray for that.

What happened is that summer came, and so came my summer holiday. I got some painting done, travelled a little. I really didnt have time to blog. As things settled and i had more time to spare it was time to update the blog. Thats when i ran into major problems. My laptop broke so i had no way of getting pictures out of my camera. I also didnt have enough spare money to just walk into a store and pick up a new laptop. I wanted the next laptop to have enough juice to run couple of things more, so i needed to wait.

Now i have the new laptop, but now i have another problem... My camera is and old Canon, and it has issues with Windows 10. Windows 10 causes the camera to have a connection error if the camera has more than 1000 photos in its memory card. Well, i have little over 3000 on it and most of them are important for example of my children, so deleting down to 1000 is not an option. I also dont have a memory card reader or know of a place where i could use one. I need to come up to a solution soon.

What im going to now is to blog about subjects, that dont need photos or i can use them from the internet.

Thats pretty much it about the status of the blog.

Dropzone Commander

I ahve been playing quite much of dropzone commander lately. Actually it has been allmost the only game that i have been paying. Reconquest: Phase 2 book has now been out for some time. Alltough i dont own it, i have been playing scenarios from it and using the new units from it. This is one of the things im going to blog about later, so stay tuned.

Dropfleet commander

I pledged into the Dropfleet Commander kickstarter form Hawk wargames. The Kickstarter has beed delayed by a couple of months, but should be shipping soon. I will make a unboxing post when it arrives.


Remember a while back, i gave you a hint that im going to start a new painting project about modern warfare with 28mm miniatures? Well i did. And i have competed it! Now its just the camera problem to sort out and i can show it to you guys.

I have decided on the next painting project i will do and have ordered stuff for it from couple of shops. This time it wont be 28mm but smaller scale and from the game that i love. Stay tuned for posts about it.

Frostgrave campaing

 I made myself a frostgrave warband and played the first game in the campaing. Im affraid i just dont have the time to participate in it. I enjoyed the first game rather much, but still...

That is all for today. Expect a new update in a week or two.