Thursday, January 28, 2016

In the year 2016

So how has your year 2016 started?

For me, i havent got any painting done :(

But on the other hand i have been playing Dropzone Commander (yay!). I have to say that the more i play the game the moreIi love it!

Couple of weeks ago, I played a great game against Herkkos Scourge. Little later we had a 1v1v1 game with Herkko, Jamo and I. Ill post pictures at the bottom of this post. The game was 1500pts a side. UCM v PHR v Shaltari. I still havent faced Shaltari that many times so i dont know alot about them, other than the gate schenanigans. This time i saw new unit in action tough. Jamo fielded the Ocelot which is a walker with a doom cannon on its back. Ignores passise saves... Its a good thing the UCM trusts in the power of good old armor! Also the Shaltari fielded a Fast Mover, a Warspear Heavy Fighter. I was relatively safe from it with two units of Rapier AA tanks.

The game involved 7 intel points all in houses and 2 focal points. The game was played of a 6x4 board. I dont have a picture of the board to show you im afraid. The battery of my camera died after the first shot, so i had to use my phone instead. Getting the picture from the phone to my laptop is a pain...

My list was roughly this:

Preatorians in a Raven

3 Katanas
2x Rapiers

3 Sabres
2 longbows

3x Legionaires in ravens
4 Wolverines

I know.. I Know... its not the best, but i already had to proxy the katanas so i wanted the rest of the list to use the models that i have. But i have to say that compared to the air heavy list with the Pheonix, i really liked the kodiak and tank based list instead.

Couple of highlights from the game:

Shaltari and PHR wanted to compare who have the bigger and better guns. PHR Hades took on the Shaltari eggbasket with 2 jaguars(?) and the ocelot and the command walker also participating in the fight. First trun the Hades landed from dropship and took in 4 DP. Turn 2 the Hades did minor damage to the jaguars as they saved most of the hits with their pesky force fields. The Shaltari returned fire and the Hades was no more... This was fine by me as this ment that for two turns the big guns werent aimed at my little UCM tanks. I zapped shaltari AA tanks with my Kodiak Orbital Strike and did some good damage here and there.

Both Herkko and Jamo scored couple of intel points as i rolled steadily towards a focal point with my tanks. During the game i landed infantry to four different intel points but every time i searched i rolled a 1... That ment that the intel was a trap and it blew up taking some of my men with it and i didnt score any intel points...! My legionaires had to be specialised into finding bombs as they did it four times!

The game ended with me and Jamo with 5 points and Herkko with 3 points. All in all it was a great game. And im looking forward to our next games. We also made a order from asylum wargames. UK based shop that had a good offer on Dropzone miniatures. They also sell a good variety of different miniture ranges so remember to check them out. Looking at the units we ordered i can say that our meta is changing quite alot!

Here are the pictures from our game

Jamos Shaltari

Herkkos PHR

My UCM taking positions

Shaltari v PHR after the Hades was downed

Couple of demolitioned building. We need to get some better markers for these

Now to the other stuff. There was quite alot i wanted to say, but now i really cant remember it all.

Hmm.. Lets start with that Santa brought me an air compressor and airbrush for xmas! Which is great. One of my goals for this year is to get me really set up to paint miniatures with the airbrush. I still need to get some stuff, like thinners and varnishes before i can start painting with it.

I dont think i will get that much miniatures painted this year, but i have set myselft some goals.
First is to get the Dropzone miniatures painted i just ordered. Second is to get my French foreing legion painted for Force on force. That is around 20-25 miniatures. Third and last is to get my Dropflee Commander space fleet painted from the kickstarter. Those should arrive some time in the summer hopefully. Thats it. All of it. Doesnt really sound that much but with small children and a job where the working hours are somewhat crappy it can be alot. Only time will tell, but i didnt want to bury myself with projects. Also if i get alot of my goals done and i have spare time, i have bolt action miniatures which i can paint. This year will hopefully be more on the gaming side, and i will try to get one game each week.

Also on side note, i have tried to recruit some new players to our Dropzone group but with no luck so far. I have been toying with the idea of contacting Fantasiapelit in Helsinki and see if they would like me, Herkko and Jamo to come and demo Dropzone in the shop. I still neet to talk more with Herkko and Jamo tough. If there is someone in Helsinki and reads my blog and you want to try Dropzone Commander drop me a comment!