Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Dropzone commander: United Colonies of Mankind gallery

Hello all!

I have painted some more of my ucm miniatures. From the 2x 2 player starter set UCM all but the two spare apc:s are painted. Here are the results. I wanted to post these as tomorrow i will be getting a buch of reinforcments that a friend of my bought for me from the salute. Se here we go:

The army so far
Condor transports

The pilot of 1 likes the fresh air

12 bases of legionaire infantry

Bear apc:s

Sabre tanks

Rapier anti air tanks

So there it is. Feel free to comment!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Salute 2015

Hello there!

Its time to take a look at the Salute 2015. Salute is run by The South London Warlords, it is the biggest independent one-day wargaming and gaming event in the UK. As usual there will be vendors and overseas traders taking part in the Salute. There will also be alot of good gaming oportunities.

Myself on the other hand will not be taking part of the Salute as i need to work. But its fun to follow the social media about updates conserning the Salute.

Hawk wargames: Dropfleet Commander

Lets take a look at Hawk Wargames, who have shown new consept art for new units in Dropzone commander. Also Hawk has previously given out hints about their new game Dropfleet Commander, which is a spaceship battle game with a twist. (The name Dropfleet Commander is not 100% certain yet but Hawk has said that there is a great chance for it being the name. So we will go with that for now on)

There are good pictures in the Hawk Forums, posted by a forum member, i will not copy these images as they are not mine, but i will provide a link to the pictures

First up are the UCM ships for Dropfleet commander. Scale is still 10mm so the detail in those ships is awesome. Anyone does not really know alot about dropfleet commander yet. It has been said that the game is not realy that much about getting your ships into range but rather about signature radious. The more you use your engines or guns, the more you will make it easier for enemies to detect your ships and fire at you.

Dropfleet commander is suppose to be released on Q4 of 2015 or Q1 of 2016. I hope that it is Q4 but i think it will be Q1/16. But i rather have a completely polished game than a rushed one. One thing is quaranteed and that is that i will be pre-ordering a Dropfleet starter set as soon as they come availabe!

I really like Dropzone Commander, so think abaut combining these games in a narrative campaing. that would be just AWESOME!

On the second page in the forums there is concept art of the new infantry choises for all of the factions, but i realy cant say alot about them before they are completely done. I am happy with the current choises as well.

Thats all for now! I will be making more post about Dropfleet when we get more information on that. And on next wednesday i will be fighting Juhas Germans for the bridge again, starting from where we previously left.

So stay tuned and drop me a comment or if you know something about Dropfleet do tell!


Friday, April 24, 2015

Dropzone commander: Ultimate deathstar unit

Hi all!

Ha Ha! I dont do deathstar units. So you are here to look at bus stops instead! But fine bus stops they are indeed. These are from Blotz and costs only 0.75£ each, so i got 12. I also got couple other pieces of scenery, but i will show them when they are completely done.

I might be addins some posters or something later, but for now these are considered as done.

As usual. Drop me a comment!


Thursday, April 23, 2015

Nazis and space squids

The Nazis

I had a battle against Juha and his german army again. I was playing French as usual. We had a scenario where the objective was, for germans to capture a important bridge on the middle of the board. The French were trying to prevent this from happening. A squad of infantry must be within 3" from the bridge for it to count as occupying it.

A view of the battlefield

My list was this:

Command squad
3 units on regulars
1 unit of Senegalese
Light howitzer
Renaut FT-17 very light tank


Command squad
2 units of regulars, (one in hanomag)
1 unit of veteran pioneers with stormpistol
1 unit of veterans
Sniper team
Forward observer

As defender i had the oportunity to place two units within 6" of the bridge, so i placed my howitzer to a good firing position and a squad to the nearby house to protect it. Half of my remaining forces would arrive on turn 1 and the rest on turn 2 onwards with a dice roll. Same for the german attackers.

The german forces after  turn one
Germans occupying a house, which was not a good idea, as the got a pinned battle as soon as they got in

On the other side of the road, the German veteran pioneers got hit by a howitzer. They lost a man and got pinned as well
The French army arriverd, only the command squad failing the roll to enter. They were too busy drinking wine

Senegalese going for the bridge
French positions

Senegalese crossing the bridge, supported by the Renault. This move was made too early and would have been better later on the game. The Senegalese got shot to the last man at this point.
Later on in the game, the germans got pinned on the left and right, so they gathered next to their command squad and medic to get their minds straightened out again.

During the game the germans got massively pinned by the french. One german squad had 7 pins and others had the like of 3 and 4. They managed to rally but got more pins again soon. My side also got pinned badly by the german off board artillery strike and one of my squads ran after failing a test.
After this the game was in a stalemate and both parties shot at the other from their side of the river. The germans tried to make a final move to the bridge, but they faced the Renault and two squads in ambush, so they only got near to the bridge. This was a great game, and Juha and i decided to continue the game on next wednesday from this point. We might be adding something, like a use for those boats in the pictures, or german paras.

Feel free to comment or give as ideas what to add to the next game!

The space squids

Our Dropzone commander project has moved on! We have added some scenery, like cars and trees that i made. Herkko has also got more troops and new units like the Scourge Minders. I also proxied my Sabres as Katanas, which was a nice change. Also in my oppinion the Katanas are better against Scourge. Here are some pictures from our last game. I will start writing reports, when we get our scenery level to where we want and we have a grip on most of the rules.

Drop us a comment about this stuff too!

Scourge tank drivers are really bad at parking their tanks...

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Small update for Bolt Action and Dropzone commander

Happy international table top gaming day to you all!

I have a small update for you. On the painting front i have got some stuff done. I have the new Lorraine carrier from Warlord games for the French. It also got its first touch of battle against Juhas early war germans on last wednesday.

The game with Juha was abaut objectives. We had 7 of them on the board alltogether. 2 on each table side and 3 in the middle line.


For me:Command squad, 3 infantry squads, one of them in Lorraine carrier, mmg-team, 75mm cannon and Renault FT-17 mmg tank.

Juha had Command squad, 2 infantry squads, one of these in hanomag, Forward observer team, mmg team, sniper team, At-team with sturmpistol(?)

 This was the board we played on. French on the right, germans to the left. Also, we used outflank so on turn three units could arrive from table edge, that we had wrote down before the game.

The first turn were units running towards good positions. Only minor exhanges of fire happened. From turn 3 onwards things got intresting when the outflanking units started to arrive. I figured out that i had chosen a very bad side for my units to arrive from. Luckily i had the Lorraine carrier with infantry squad onboard on the flanking mission, so i could take advantage of the road and got my third squad in good position in two turns.

French forces advansing into the town. A german squad was allready in the top building

Lorraine comming in from flank
German light AT team hunting for the Renault

Germans made a bold move trying to cross the road. Squad got shot to pieces.
Rest of my flaning force, Command team, and mmg team. Infantry squad crossed the river, planning to reinforce the flanking move, which worked great.

I have allso been working on getting more scenery for Dropzone commander for Herkko and me to play with. I got from Ebay, some miniature trees, N-Scale cars and busses. I got them pretty cheap. Around 15€ for 100 cars, 6 busses and 25 trees.

Me and Herkko have played three of four games of dropzone commander now, so slowly we are going into bigger games. There is still alot of learning to be done about this game.

We also ordered a bunch of mdf scenery from Blotz, which was mailed today. I will make a post about those when i get them.

Here some of the trees done: