Sunday, November 29, 2015

Thats not a moon, its a paintstation! Ep 2

Hello guys!

For the past few days i have been working on my new painstation. If you remember my old paintstation, which you can find here. This one is quite different from that one. The old one was in our living room, so it realy was not that nice. This one is in our bedroom and can be hidden away easily. There is not that much board space than in the old one, but i dont need it anyway. As every miniature hobbyist knows. More board space = more stuff stored into piles.

Here we can see the big closets in our bedroom room. Inside those is hidden my new paintsation!

 And the it is! Lets go and take a closer look.

I made a table that slides in and out. It also can be locked into position. There is plenty of space for my legs underneath the table. Also i chose a light that can be moved in and out with the table, as well as up and down.

On the left side i have four small shelfs for all of my paints. I still need to go trough and check which ones are ok to paint with. Next year ill also try to move out of gw paints range into Vallejo, as i like them more.

On the left side there are my scenery stuff. Only the ones i use the most. Also there are my spray paints. I think that i will move them somewhere else, as there is not much point of storing them there becouse you cant spray paint inside anyways.

Here is the table i mentioned earlier. Mosty normal painting stuff. Also a smaller lamp if i need more light.

On the back wall is a hook for my dremel. This is still in the reach of my hand, even is the table is locked into the out position.

 Under the table is an electrical outlet for the lights and the dremel.

Under the table is also storage for my spare parts and more drillheads for the dremel. I also wrote a letter to santa, hoping for an airbrush and air compressor. The compressor can be stored here as well.

Over the table is a bigger shelf for anything realy. Now its used to store the rest of my scenery parts and miniature kits.

And this is the end of our tour. All in all im relly happy how my paintstation turned out. There is still options to modify the shelfs if i find the need for it.

I  have made some changes to the foru layout and added some pictures to the USMC section, so check those out.

Like allways thanks for reading and if you have any comments or questions. Let me know.