Saturday, February 7, 2015

Dropzone Commander: UCM tanks roll out from the factory

I've managed to get some of my dropzone commander tanks and apc:s painted.
3 Bear apc:s, 3 Rapier AA-tanks and 3 Sabre battle tanks are now ready. I still need to paint 6 bases of infantry and 3 Condor dropships from the first starter set. After that i am ready for a test game, which i am really looking forward to.

I wanted to keep the painting of these rather simple so i chose a one tone style. I didnt want to go for a standard UCM style of dark green so i chose a brighter green with a wash and i am very happy how these turned out.

A special thanks goes to Juha for donating me some decals. These work perfectly for the UCM

I will also introduse myself into the Hawk Wargame forums with this blog post. So greetings to all the readers from there. Drop me a comment if you want!

Here are the pictures from the painted minis:

First up are the Bear apc:s

Rapier AA-tanks

 Sabre battle tanks:

 Close ups




Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Bolt Action: Marine reinforcements

GET READY!!! The nco screams in the landing craft while bulets are flying above his head and explosions in the watter are throwinf huge statues of water several feets up in the air.

My Lcd landing craft and M8 Scott are ready for battle and are hitting the beaches today in the Tarawa campaing at our club.

I did only a quick spray paint job and added two decals to the landing craft. Also some corrosion effect which i might add more later. The idea was to get this ready for gaming and keep my main project Dropzone commander going on at the same time.

Here are some pictures. Drop me a comment if you want!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Dropzone Commander: Unboxing 2-player starter set

I've got my hands on my new shiny 2-player starter set for Dropzone Commander. I have been waiting this for a while.

In the box you will find: Battlegroup for Scourge and for the UCM + Rulebook + 10 cardboard buildings for scenery, Referece sheets for both battlegroups. 10 d6 dice and a small tapemeasure.

These are the first models in 10mm scale for me. I was very surprised about the quality of the miniatures. Hawk Wargames have done a great job casting these.

 The rulebook is in full color and has a good ammount of pictrures aswell

This is the start of my UCM force. As you can see, the details on these models are awesome!

Bear apc

This was a very quick and small update. Next time i will show some of these models painted and also some new figures for the BA Tarawa campaing.