Monday, May 30, 2016

Dropzone Commander: Reinforcements


I just popped in to give you guys a quick update on what i have been doing. For start i had my first game of Frostgrave. My apperentice took a real beating from a skeleton... 3 of my warband members died, but i got some treasures in exhange. Its too bad i missed the second game of our campaing due to being really busy at work. It might be the same for game three also :(

Anyways. I've been using my childrens naptime to do some painting. Here are some Dropzone Commander miniatures i have finished:



Gladius heavy tanks

Raven B's

 This model was painted for Asylum Wargames painting competition. This is the light dropship which will be the transport for my Preatorian elite infantry. I wanted to go out from the normal coloring of my army. This Raven A needed to have coloring suitable for night time operations while having something that brings out the eliteness of the preatorians. In my oppinion i achieved my goal or what do you think?

Here are couple norma Raven A's for comparison

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