Wednesday, May 4, 2016

I love the smell of fresh paint in the morning

Previously i have told you that my paint situation has been bad. When i started doing miniatures again after my break from the hobby, i revived some of my old paints. Now those paints have reached the end of their life cycle. Some ran out and some dried up or have gone bad. I had my birhtday in april so my better half wanted to correct this problem, so as a gift i got to order myself some new painting equipment. Couple of days ago the postman arrived with this.

This is a set of 72 basic colors and three brushes from the Vallejo Model Air range. I have made some little experiments with these paints and i must say that i am really happy with the results. I can also use these with my airbrush. On the bad side... my airbrush broke down... I need to contact the seller in Germany about the guarantee and see what we can work out. My paint problem is now officially over! :)


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