Sunday, March 27, 2016

Towards Frostgrave

Hi all.

Today i have something different for you. Today we are talking abaut the icy cold, magical world of FROSTGRAVE. What is this Frostgave you may ask?

Frostgrave is a skirmish scale wargame, set in a world where you lead your wizard and his warband of merry folk into a frozen acient city. That city was once full of magic, gold and other valuables.  For some reason the city was abandoned and surrounded by ice an snow. Ice and snow made it impossible to travel to the city. Now some routes have opened up and wizards are racing there in the hopes of discovering more in the ways of magic and magical artefacts. On the way they recruit a warband of their own to help them on their journey.

So the thing is that i saw a facebook post about starting a Frosgrave campaing by one of my club mate. This year was suppose to be a year without starting new games for me (damm you Jamo)
I had taken couple of views about Frostgrave stuff before, but managed to resist the urge of starting. This time i werent that strong.

One of the great things About Frostgrave is that you can play it without official models, and it doesent specify races. Take a look into your drawers for those spare minis, you might have a warband ready and you dont even know it! Usually the warband consists of a wizard, an apprentice for the wizard and 8 other members which you buy with gold. These can be anything from lowly thieves and thugs to knights and paladins. You just need to have the gold.

My warband

Next we get to take a look at my warband. One of the main things for me starting this game was to keep the cost a low as possible. I took a look into my bits box and was happily surprised when this little gem showed up:

I bought this model used from Sotavasara website. The seller didnt know what this model really is. (If you do, please comment and tell me!) I think i paid something like 4 euros for this. So everyone, meet Sofya. Sofya will be the wizard of my warband. Sofya came into contact with her magical abilities when she was 13. She was sitting in dinner table with her family and was playing around with a fork. She consentrated her mind at the fork and went into a kind of transe. In this trance she were able to manipulate the abilities of the fork. She came out of the trance only to see the terrified looks of her family. It was at this point when she noticed that the fork was pushed halfway trough the thick wooden table. Sofya had somehow made the fork able to pierce objects with ease. A week later her parents kicked Sofya out of the house as they were terrified about what had happened and tought it was unnatural. After this Sofya has taken care of herselft. She has masterded more enchants and has even the knowledge of how to perform teleportation.

As you might have guessed, my wizard is going to be an Enchanter. I really have no idea how that will work out in the game but oh well... Its intresting to see how balanced Frostgrave is. The same goes with my warband. I have no idea what they will be. Prodably Thugs and thieves. Lets move on to the warband.


Most of my warband members are made of Mantic Basilean bodies. I bought 10 of these with the model for Sofya and paid 10 euros for the Basileans. I were suppose to convert an Empire army out of these, so i got a ton of empire bits with them for free. When i got these into my hands i had to abandon the idea tough. These need some serious knifing before you can even assemble them with their own parts and the quality is a litle Meh.. too. For a small scale warband they are ok tough. They mix good with GW empire bits and those are easier to modify as they are softer. The guy above has his proportions litle mixed up. For example the sword is way too big for the guy if you look for realism, but for me its ok. And with these the goal of keeping the cost down worked. 14 euros used so far.

Next we have a old GW greatsword model. Works for everything from a thug to knight. Good looking model which i really like.

Time for a guy who can smash things! Armed with a mace, upgraded with a small bell. This will whack the life out of opposing wizards will keeping tune with his bell.

Moving on to my ranged power. An archer. I have done some paint cheme testing with this guy. Im prodably going to go for a rusty armor with blueish color for the main cloth. Im afraid that even painting (which in im no pro) the bad quatily of the basileans cant be rescued. Also my paint palette is rather limited at the moment as i havent use my paints in a long time, so i need to restock the dryed up ones.

One more thug / basic dude. I really like the pose of this guy. I used the same shield for allmost everyone in the warband to give them a unified look.

More ranged firepower. This time a crosbowman. I toyed with the idea of taking to crosbows, but as i dont know the rules for them i took an archer instead. Im guessing crosbows might be move or fire type of a weapon.

So now i have a Wizard and 6 members of the warband assembled. I have ordered a model for the Wizards apprentice. I also have a pretty good view for one more member of the group. He will be the guy whose responsibilities are to haul all the stuff for the warband.

Im really looking forward for our clubs campaing and how it wil turn out. I have more than month of time to complete this group. I hope that i will get it done, as i dont have that much of painting time nowadays.

If there are people in my readers who are also going to go and explore Frostgrave or joining the club campaing, feel free to comment below!

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